Simply the Best House Cleaners in California

Since 1994, GCS Maintenance has been providing outstanding residential and commercial cleaning services to customers throughout California. We are proud to provide simply the best professional cleaning services available. Each of our locations is owned and operated by individuals in local communities. Our customers benefit from the small-business feel of our GCS Maintenance, as well as the resources and expertise of a larger company.


Give Your Home the GCS Maintenance Treatment

Letís face it. Life gets busy, and when it does, itís easy to let certain things fall to the wayside. Cleaning can take up precious hours of your time every week! You may not have the time or the energy to stay on top of cleaning, especially if more important things are on the schedule. Thatís where we come in! When you schedule a cleaning service with our professional GCS Maids, you are freed up to spend time with family or focus on other priorities. Let us exceed your expectations with our cleaning services!



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